Refrigerating plants department

The main activities of T.P. GROUP regarding this area consist in the execution of :

  • Skid, compression units made according to the customer's technical needs
  • Plants for the manufacturing, the preservation and distribution of alimentary products such as fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, etc.
  • Plants for the freezing of food
  • Plants for the production and storage of ice in blocks or flakes
  • Plants and refrigerators for ice-skating rinks
  • Industrial cooling and air conditioning plants
  • Refrigerating plants for chemical, pharmaceutical industry, oil & gas.

The refrigerating stations are designed and sized according to the condition in which they must be used, so as to obtain the maximum performance with the least energy consumption.

All plants undergo a test through radiography and pressing with air/nitrogen according to the set of rules in force as regards the matter.

T.P. GROUP  , moreover, develops solutions for the Automation of plants and data processing systems for Telemanagement.



T.P. GROUP  is organized to provide assistance in ordinary and extraordinary service activities in the plants, especially the refrigerating ones. The technicians who operate in the service sector are licensed for the use of toxic gases and specialized in interventions of vacuum and decontamination of the plant, in setting in safety, in the execution of preventive controls and of repairs and in interventions on electric-electronic  members required by the running of the plant.